Underwriting Manager – Commercial Propert



  • Fully understand the risk & seek further clarity as required
  • Underwrite profitable business in accordance with the Company Europe Insurance Limited business plans
  • Adhere to all Company underwriting standards as outlined in the Underwriting Manual
  • Obtain sign-off for all business that is in excess of agreed authority levels or where any factor falls below rating guidelines.
  • Adhere to rating tools and guidelines
  • Ensure that underwriting documentation, both paper and electronic, is accurate, complete, up-to-date and meet Company’s standards
  • Ensure that the policy wordings & clauses are slip referenced
  • Ensure that all accounts are contract certain at the time of binding
  • Conduct Quality Assurance (QA) within 2 working days of binding or inception whichever is the earliest to check the accuracy of underwriting data entered into the system and ensure that the risk is contract certain
  • Conduct Peer Reviews to check the underwriting rationale, terms and conditions, pricing against Company guidelines and the completeness of files
  • Reconcile and report all premiums due versus received in order to manage credit control
  • Develop and enhance the rating tool(s) continuously to enhance the range of exposures they encompass
  • Monitor premiums versus budget to ensure alignment with the business plan
  • Ensure that portfolio performance satisfies Company’s Underwriting Business Plan
  • Oversee that business retained within the portfolio continues to provides commercial advantage
  • Assist in the preparation of Realistic Disaster Scenarios (RDS) returns to determine effectiveness of reinsurance coverage against business
  • Review Internal Audits and Expert Review Reports to identify and implement improvements
  • Manage aggregations / accumulations of joint venture interests
  • Identify future areas of business opportunity
  • Produce and oversee the property / energy business strategy for approval by the Director of Underwriter and the SEIL Board
  • Assist other European Branch Managers in producing a clear, coherent underwriting and distribution strategy
  • Implement the strategies within the agreed business plan
  • Determine appropriate levels of underwriting authority for each Underwriter


  • Conduct/attend appropriate marketing meetings/presentations with
  • Monitor reinsurance coverage against the business plan, in association with the CUOs / Branch Managers
  • Develop broker and client relationships to optimise opportunities to lead business, arranging or attending regular meetings, presentations and events
  • Seek to grow market share by increasing awareness of technical expertise with outside parties
  • Explore client and company knowledge to identify and optimise cross-selling opportunities
  • Contribute to market groups and committees to strengthen the Company brand and reputation
  • Together with the CUOs, ensure adequate resource and capability to deliver the business plan and strategic objectives
  • Select and recruit appropriate people in conjunction with the CUOs and Human Resources
  • Produce a comprehensive Onboarding Plan for all newly appointed/promoted/seconded team members
  • Identify team and individual training needs. Work with team members and Human Resources to agree and implement development plans
  • Adhere to Company procedures for managing and recording individual and team performance and development (WorkDay).
  • Ensure that team members Roles Profiles are reviewed at least annually or when a change in role occurs
  • Provide technical coaching to team members to develop their competence and careers
  • Ensure that all staff operate within the standards outlined in the Group and Company policies
  • Ensure that all accounts are contract certain
  • Oversee that all suspicions of financial crime are reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer immediately
  • Ensure that that everyone complies with the Company’s standards for Treating Customers Fairly
  • Ensure that potential Conflicts of Interest are properly managed in order to avoid disrepute to the company’s integrity
  • Monitor the immediate reporting of complaints to compliance


  • 10 – 15 years’ experience;
  • Advanced knowledge of specific class of business;
  • Market wordings and clauses and reinsurance practices;
  • Up-to-date knowledge of claims activity and handling to inform future underwriting decisions;
  • Sound appreciation of the global insurance and reinsurance market;
  • Current book of business and risk appetite;
  • Levels of authority and associated authorisation processes;
  • Underwriting manual;
  • Pricing/Rating tools;
  • Slip and file construction; and
  • Company’s standards for clauses


  • Analytical and problem solving skills;
  • Negotiation, judgment and decision making ability;
  • Business development and marketing skills;
  • Advanced numeracy, professional business writing and presentation skills;
  • Team and individual management skills and practices; and
  • Technical coaching/training skills


  • Class specific strategy and business plan;
  • Other product line strategies and plans;
  • Risk appetite for the Company as a whole;
  • Key metrics, goals and targets; and
  • Company culture and team practices

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